Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Am Not a Faithful Blogger but

I write when I feel I have a little something to say. I have had a bit of cabin fever the last few weeks. Ryan has had some behavior and health problems which means that I cannot get out to church. Since church is about the only place I usually get to go it got me a little down.

Today Ryan was too wound up to attend school again so I took him to the park by the lake and let him swing as I took in the fresh air and the beautiful fall day. It lifted my spirits and I feel less isolated again. I miss adult conversation at times but for the most part I am okay.

I am looking forward to starting school January 13th. I am accepted into the program and have orientation next month. This is going to be a huge change but having something like this to look forward to is really what I need.I am excited about   being able to provide for Ryan and I on a much better level when I graduate. Hopefully the two years will fly by.

I feel very blessed that we have everything we need and a little extra. Life is good.

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