Monday, April 25, 2011

Back and Forth

It is still back and forth with the pain problem, but I am bored with the subject and rather talk about how good the warm sunshine feels on my arms. Life is still good regardless of these road bumps.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

A World of Difference

Adjustments in pain meds were made and I feel lots better. Not ready to fly yet but better!

Lanell brought us the best Easter Dinner! What a great treat! Heidi brought us yummy soup and heavenly bread. We are so spoiled!  My appetite is back. ( not sure if that is a good thing though,ha)  I am hoping for more progress tomorrow but will do just a little at a time this time so I am not hurting so bad again.

We are so blessed and I sure hope we can begin to serve soon instead of being served.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I wish I hadbeen able to stay in the hosptial a few more days

I am pretty useless here. I don't have the enegy to do the things I should be doing. If I take enough pain meds I am too looply to get much cooking or cleaning done. If I go without the pills I am in really bad pain. I hope nothing is wrong. I was doing so well a few days ago. This invalid thing is not going well with Stefan, Ryan or I! My family needs me to get better quicker.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Again

I came home from the hospital yesterday. Everything went very well. They appear to have got all of the cancer, and there was none in the lymph nodes. After I recover from the surgery I will start some sort of chemotherapy. They say it is stage 2 only because the tumor was so big. (softball size) They removed my upper and mid lobe and a six inches of rib. The pain was not bad while I was in the hospital but is rather bad now. I am sure it will get better as the days go. I don't like being on home oxygen much but it is necessary for now.  I am so very thankful for things to turn out so well. Prayers, fasts, Blessing and the compassion of a Great Heavenly Father is what created this miracle.

I am giving myself today as one more do nothing day and then I will try to live life a bit more each day, pain or no pain! I want to live and not have everything be about having cancer all the time! I am sure Heavenly Father has things for me to do!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ready Set and

it is a GO tomorrow early early in the morning. I am still getting conflicting reports on how long I will be in the hospital. It looks like a good week to ten days though. I am determined to cut that down to a shorter stay. I want to be home! I am getting packed and then I am going to relax, spend time with my boys and watch American Idol of course. I am leaving the rest of the  housework for the boys! It is about time they did some, it will build character! Ha! So this is my last post until I am back home.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today my daughter was told by the expert that her son Sovin is on the Autism Spectrum. We suspected he was but the reality of it is still hard to take. Compared to his Uncle Ryan he is much higher functioning so I hope that with therapy he can progress well. He is a bright little boy and so lovable. They say autism is not a genetic thing.........and there is no one else that I know of in our family that has it. I really think there is a genetic predisposition to it an then something environmental triggers it. When Ryan was diagnosed in 1992 there were very few people with autism in this area.  Now it seems like every other family has someone with it. The good news is that there is so much more available in therapy and treatment than twenty years ago. I love him so much and will do anything I can to help him progress.

It is a beautiful day today. I am going to go sit outside with Ryan for awhile and quit pondering why our family seems to have so many challenges to deal with. I am going to trust God. He knows what we need to learn or experience. Maybe some families already experienced these kind of challenges in the preexistence and that is why it seems we have more than our share. I do know that we still have more blessings than problems and I am so grateful for that. We will get by.

9 PM:  Ryan and   I went to the park and watched the river rush by as we sat on the swings. What a beautiful day! It was a good day in many ways. I have such great friends, who show how much they care in many ways. We really are blessed.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting There

I had my pre-op physical, ekg and blood work today. So it is all a go for Thursday. There is a change of plans about care for Ryan while I am in the hospital and I am praying that works out okay. His Dad will stay here at my house with him. It is not my first choice but really my only choice now.

Sure wish I could get my mind of things. There is nothing of interest to me on tv and I cannot concentrate to read. That leaves mindless computer games I guess! ;) It is just a few more days and I will have it over with!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am Ready to get this over with!

Time sure is going slow. Too much time to think about it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beautiful Day

You could not ask for a prettier day. Ryan is napping, and I am considering one myself. Stefan made a meat loaf and vegetables in the crock pot so dinner is taken care of. I feel rather spoiled and it is nice for today! Sometimes a quiet day with no pressure to get anything done is really healing! I feel good today.