Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Lot Has Happened Since I Last Wrote

Mostly Health concerns. Too make a long story short I was hospitalized again and they found that I had pneumonia. They did a cat scan of my lungs because my breathing was so bad and it showed no cancer!!!!! Bad news is that I have severe heart failure, possibly caused by a combo of high blood pressure, trauma from surgery and the chemo therapy I was taking for cancer. The good news here being no more chemo therapy, and I know why I am so worn out. The bad news being that the heart failure is as bad as cancer and I will have to wear Oxygen constantly now.  I am not taking this too bad because I already had a life threatening disease so...........what are you going to do? I am following Doctor's orders, resting and actually feeling better than I have in some time. I am accepting of this as I know that God has a plan, that there is much more than this life I have here and I know my Heavenly Father is fair. It will all work out in the end.

I was able to attend most of Sacrament Meeting today. What a privilege. I really enjoyed the two speakers I heard and took the messages to heart. Life is good today.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ryan Had a Great Time at Michelle and Bruce's House

It was his first time alone there. But he was spoiled and taken great care of. He shared (sounds more like stole) Bruce's breakfast, walked outside to see the garden and colored rainbows. He appears eager to go there again! That is such a relief to me!

My Mom postponed her trip until possibly October. That should be better for us all.So right now all that is in the plans for me is one more chemo session and then getting back to normal if that is possible! Just to have a daily routine would be nice, where I don't need a nap twice a day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Better Day

I am feeling a little better and enjoying my day again. Played cards with my friend Michele this morning as she got to know Ryan better. ( She is his new caregiver) She will care for him alone tomorrow.

I am pretty worried about My Mother's visit here next week. One, the weather is going to be very hot and humid, neither her or I are good with that and my air conditioning is out in my car, so we are stuck here the whole time. Two, I will never get this mess cleaned up in time. Every time I want to get started I am too tired or too sick. Well I am going to push the next few days and get it looking nice I hope. I just hope she can handle the heat. I suggested she come in August when I would be feeling better too but she seemed hurt that I wanted to postpone it so we are staying with next week. She is 81 and stubborn! Wonder where I got my stubborn streak? There you have it! ;)

Other than that there is not much new here.................soooo thats all folks. At least for today.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Me?

Why do I have the kindest most considerate friends to be found? Why do I have so many blessing? Maybe for the same reason I have lots of challenges in my life..............................Heavenly Father simply knows what I need and when I need it.

Chemo went very slow but well. Rex Thorne drove me to the Doctor and then hospital and found things to do in Appleton while I was treated but still waited at the hospital another 3 hours. His wife Lanell asked us to stop at the house on our way to drive me home and presented me with some pizzas so if I am really sick like last time I could have an easy meal to make for Ryan. Then when we arrived at my house Rex gave me a beautiful geranium basket and some beautiful petunias to make hanging baskets with. This kind and generous couple made my life so  much easier in so many ways today. Heavenly Father is working through them.

I have many other friends who really have been there for me. I don't feel I am deserving of so much kindness, but my Father in Heaven does. I am blessed every day of my life and I am so grateful.

Time Flys

I really did not realize how far I was behind on blogging. I have had a bit of a social life and some down time feeling sick too. In an hour I will be on my way to Appleton for my chemo. :( 

Last week I was invited to go to Eau Claire Dells for a picnic and had a great time. Ryan really loved it ! The background to this blog is a picture I took of the falls that day.

On Saturday the day of the fireworks, friends and family each brought a snack and we relaxed and watched the show. Gresham did an outstanding display! Then the parents went out and I babysat. It was a very late night but worth it. I really enjoyed the kids.

Well that is it for now. More later.