Thursday, May 20, 2010

It Is Funny How

When things are going okay I don't feel the need to write much. Well things have not been as smooth as I would like of late so here I am again. I am dealing with things okay so far. It is amazing what prayer and a Priesthood blessing will do for you.
The lung mass is still there and has changed some in appearance. That along with some other symptoms had me in the hospital a week and now heading for another Broncoscopy and biopsy. It looks like it is one of two things, Bronchoalveolar Cancer or something called Right Middle Lobe Syndrome. The good news is that if it is cancer it is a slow growing form and it is not in my lymph nodes as of yet. Right middle lobe syndrome sounds like it will be an ongoing thing too. Both of these are likely aggravated by the many years I smoked. Please if you are reading this and smoke............QUIT NOW. I quit before this happened but I sure wish I had never smoked at all. You never think these things can happen to you. But they do.
I am trying to stay busy and keep this off my mind but it is hard. I am trying not to worry about the huge bills I am making with all of this. I kind of feel like I cannot afford to be alive at times. But deep down I know that Heavenly Father is looking after me as he always does and things will work out. He has never failed me so no matter what happens , if I face more illness or not I can handle it. I will learn whatever lesson this is meant to teach me.  The prayers and efforts of my friends and my church family continue to bring me comfort. I may be poor in material things but in the things that matter I am very rich.

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