Monday, May 24, 2010

Wow! Is It Hot Enough?

Today has not turned out like I expected it to. Appointments were changed and my plans for the day are all different now, but that is okay. I have been getting a lot done in between. I love looking at a closet just after I cleaned it out and organized it. Oh it won't stay that way long but just for a day to know where things are is awesome! I have bread rising ( thank goodness for a/c) and it smells yummy. Dinner is in the crock pot, so not much cooking to do tonight. I find if I rest a bit in between my chores I do just fine and am not short of breath at all. It has been a good day so far. I like days like this. Nothing exciting happening, but things going fairly smoothly, sun shining and getting  some little things I usually put off done feels good.

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