Friday, May 21, 2010

Thankful on Friday

I saw another blog that had what they were grateful for posted each Friday. So here goes

  • My son Stefan who takes over and cares for Ryan when I have been in the hospital ( not his favorite thing to do)
  • My daughter Katie for giving me my beautiful grandchildren. 
  • Sovin my grandson who makes me laugh and is oh so great to cuddle with
  • My home teacher and friends Aaron and Phil, who are so generous with their time
  • My son Ryan, who usually wakes in the morning and comes to find me , smiling and ready for a hug
  • Our Bishop who has gone out of his way to help us through all of this
  • My friends who have been here through parts of this journey and encouraged and prayed for me
  • Having enough, enough food, a home, clothing and  things that we could do without but sure make life nicer
  • Most of all my Faith, without my faith in God this life would be meaningless


  1. You amaze me and I love you all the more because you're amazing. Does that even make sense?

  2. Heidi it is you that is amazing. You always have encouraging words for me and are so easy to talk to. I am so blessed to have you as my friend.