Thursday, April 21, 2011

Home Again

I came home from the hospital yesterday. Everything went very well. They appear to have got all of the cancer, and there was none in the lymph nodes. After I recover from the surgery I will start some sort of chemotherapy. They say it is stage 2 only because the tumor was so big. (softball size) They removed my upper and mid lobe and a six inches of rib. The pain was not bad while I was in the hospital but is rather bad now. I am sure it will get better as the days go. I don't like being on home oxygen much but it is necessary for now.  I am so very thankful for things to turn out so well. Prayers, fasts, Blessing and the compassion of a Great Heavenly Father is what created this miracle.

I am giving myself today as one more do nothing day and then I will try to live life a bit more each day, pain or no pain! I want to live and not have everything be about having cancer all the time! I am sure Heavenly Father has things for me to do!


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  2. Sorry I had to delete that last comment because it came out wrong. Here's what it was supposed to say.
    I LOVE your attitude! Don't do too much too soon. You may be Wonder Woman but even she needs a rest sometimes. I love you!