Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today my daughter was told by the expert that her son Sovin is on the Autism Spectrum. We suspected he was but the reality of it is still hard to take. Compared to his Uncle Ryan he is much higher functioning so I hope that with therapy he can progress well. He is a bright little boy and so lovable. They say autism is not a genetic thing.........and there is no one else that I know of in our family that has it. I really think there is a genetic predisposition to it an then something environmental triggers it. When Ryan was diagnosed in 1992 there were very few people with autism in this area.  Now it seems like every other family has someone with it. The good news is that there is so much more available in therapy and treatment than twenty years ago. I love him so much and will do anything I can to help him progress.

It is a beautiful day today. I am going to go sit outside with Ryan for awhile and quit pondering why our family seems to have so many challenges to deal with. I am going to trust God. He knows what we need to learn or experience. Maybe some families already experienced these kind of challenges in the preexistence and that is why it seems we have more than our share. I do know that we still have more blessings than problems and I am so grateful for that. We will get by.

9 PM:  Ryan and   I went to the park and watched the river rush by as we sat on the swings. What a beautiful day! It was a good day in many ways. I have such great friends, who show how much they care in many ways. We really are blessed.

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