Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beautiful Day

You could not ask for a prettier day. Ryan is napping, and I am considering one myself. Stefan made a meat loaf and vegetables in the crock pot so dinner is taken care of. I feel rather spoiled and it is nice for today! Sometimes a quiet day with no pressure to get anything done is really healing! I feel good today.

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  1. Sue.....so good to hear from you! I am thinking of starting a "not-for-profit" for Autistic Children. The program would take up the slack for families in the summertime....providing care for the children from 12:30 to at least 3:30. I am thinking of calling it 'ASAP' (A Safe After-school Program). Here the public schools provide school for the disabled child but only a half a day. This would give working mothers....or anyone with an Autistic child.....a full day of support for their little ones:D Now starts the hard part....finding money! I say the Secret Millionaire also and was inspired to get on the stick with my idea:D I wish you all the best on the 14th and hope Ryan has good care while mommy is away:D Like I said......in my prayers, L.