Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Gift of a True Friend

My dear friend Heidi drove me to Green Bay to have the procedure I have talked about so much here. She went over and above as there were a few complications and it took from 9 Am until about 6 PM. Now Heidi and I being the people we are came prepared to chat a bit. Well maybe more than a bit, try about 8 hours of time! Did we have any dull spots we stretched for a subject? Nooooooooooope. My chats with Heidi are always uplifting, interesting, amusing and current. I can talk to her about anything and be comfortable.  What a wonderful gift that is. I know that she would run to my side eager to help in any way. As she already has many times. It seems like all of you sisters are built like that. Cheerfully doing service, genuinly concerned about your sisters. I am so blessed by each of you. Thank you!

One thoughtful friend left a plate of wonderful cookies and ran off before they could be thanked. (thank you, they are yummy!) A bag of Jeannet Rekows yummy potoato buns was delivered by the Missionaries the other day. Big hugs to you Sister Rekow!

All of the  thoughfulness, prayers and kind deeds are making things so much easier for me. Thank you everyone!

I should have news by Friday!

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  1. It was my pleasure to spend my day with you. I know you had some unpleasantness but I enjoyed laughing and visiting with you. I'll look forward to hearing from you tomorrow.