Saturday, October 24, 2009


Waiting is the worst. I am trying to keep busy but my mind keeps drifting back to what is going to happen to me this next week. If it is lung cancer I know it's usually surgery if possible, chemotherapy then radiation. If not? ....... I worry most about my youngest son Ryan. I need to be here to take care of him. There is no one else that can do it at this point.

I am using housework, tv, and typing ( my temporary part time job) to avoid thinking about it. I am afraid but since I believe Heavenly Father has a plan for me both in this life and in the next I am pretty calm. He knows what he is doing. He has helped me through many storms and I know he will not abandon me now. I am lucky to have supportive family and friends too. Here is a video I watched today that inspired me. I hope you take the time to watch it too.

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