Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Blessings

I feel so loved today.

My birth mother in Indianappolis called to tell me her church and the church of her friend were praying for me today.

A good friend of mine offered to take me to the appointment for my biopsy. I will probably take her up on the offer because she is such a positive person. She and her whole family for that matter are always doing service for someone. I have never heard her be anything but cheerful and happy to do so. They are great examples of what Heavenly Father wants us to do.

The missionaries from our church stopped to see how I was today. I was so happy to have the company. These boys who unselfishly dedicate two years of their lives to sharing the Gospel are so inspiring.

My good friend who I don't spend a lot of time with but share so much with in email is so encouraging. Her letters always leave me feeling better. Her courage in enduring her own illness is a great example to me.

Two Bishops from my church gave me a beautiful blessing tonight. I feel like I can handle whatever comes my way now.

To all of you who so kindly support and comfort me, Thank you.

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