Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bringing Happiness

We were out of hole punchers at our house. That is not a huge thing in most families, but it is in ours. Ryan loves to punch holes in paper and often wears out the springs. This calms him and just makes him plain happy. Every little thing we purchase right now matters so even hole punchers were on hold til next week. Through the kindness of my good friend Rex, Ryan now has new hole punchers! Ryan can't say thanks, and because he is shy around those he does not know, Rex barely was acknowledged when he gave him the gift. But let me tell you the joy he's  having this evening punching away may be a very simple thing but the most awesome gift you could give him. Thank you for all that you do Rex.............you  never look for acknowledgment or anything in return, you are just truly glad to help, just like your wife! I, my family, our ward and our community are really blessed to have people like you in it! Thank you!

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