Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Beautiful Day

I love the sunshine!!!!!!!!!! It is giving me a little energy that I was having a hard time mustering. I hung clothes out on the line and plan another load yet. The breeze is enough that they should dry fast. I remember hanging clothes with my mother when I was small and we lived in the desert. It seemed as soon as one was hung and dried that the last was ready to come down. I am not happy the dryer died ,but I sure love that fresh smell of clothes off the line.

My breathing seems to be getting worse again so I am stepping up the treatments. I think I will have to use the oxygen again too. Just with activity though.

I still have mountains of paperwork to finish for social security. A lot of it is information I already gave them once. I also have to call them now every time I have a Doctors visit or hospitalization. I sincerely hope they are working on things on their end. I do not feel entitled to benefits but it is part of what we pay social security for when we are working. Though I have not worked recently, I usually worked at least two jobs when I was younger and sometimes three, so I did pay lots of social security. Regardless of the slow system I feel very grateful that there is any program at all. In many countries I simply would have died without any treatment. The tumor they removed in April would have killed me by now had it not been removed. I am so grateful to be alive even with the rough times. I know Heavenly Father has a plan for simply would not make sense if He did not. So I guess much of my faith is based on common sense. There has to be a purpose for life and what we enjoy and what we endure.

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