Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just Hanging In There

I have been feeling pretty low physically, which is normal during this part of the chemo cycle. I feel like maybe I am starting to come back to normal though. I hope so as it is only a week until my next session.

The support group was nice. It was all people that went through cancer some time ago though. It is nice to see so many long time survivors. I would have loved to seen someone who had gone through the same kind of cancer as mine recently though. They are really kind and nice people.

This new med I am on for pain is non narcotic but still makes me very sleepy. I almost fell asleep on the phone with my Mother this morning. I look forward to a day with no pills.

I continue to wait for news from Social Security. My calls go all I can do is wait it seems. Every few weeks I update the bookkeepers at the different Doctor's offices. They are being patient, thank goodness.

Tomorrow I hope to take Ryan swimming. I hope it is not too cold! I cannot take the heat of the day today or would have gone today. He really needs to get out and do something! He is such a good boy and really is  helpful to me in many ways. He senses when I am down and tries to cheer me. I am so blessed to have this special boy.

Not much else for news here. I am a bit bored but that is my own fault. There are things I could/should be doing!!!! Perhaps I will have the ummpf to do them tomorrow.

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