Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Down

and two more sessions of chemo to go. ( three weeks apart) My blood work was all good, they put in a pic line ( an IV that will last until chemo is all over in August), and the chemo dripped in with no problems. I was there until 7:15 though, so it was a really long day. The Doctor says I can expect this next three weeks to be a lot worse than the previous and the next one worse and so on. The drugs they are giving me accumulate so the concentration in my body is much greater as we go along. That is okay, I hope the chemo is making the cancer cells just as miserable!

I came home to the new living room floor, thanks to Jeff Cerveny, Aaron High, the Elders and my son Stefan. Tomorrow we will put the carpet back down and move in the furniture. It is a very sturdy floor and we will have no worries about it now. I am so grateful.

It is time to lay down. I am pooped.

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